ASPTOOLS/MISC: Miscellaneous Tools for ASP. We have implemented a number of subsidiary tools when developing solvers, verification tools, and translators in the context of answer set programming (ASP). This page collects many of them for potential users’ convenience. Index of the Tools: classic: compute classical models and SE-models for programs; dencode: encode disjunctive rules; disclose: reveal hidden atoms by giving them names; drop: delete rules from a program (randomly); igen: add an input generator to a module with external (input) atoms; interpret: map atom numbers back to symbolic names; len: calculate the length of a logic program; lpcat: concatenate two or more logic programs (or modules); lplist: produce a source code listing of a logic program; lpshift: shift disjunctive rules into normal rules; modlist: split logic program into modules; modrun: execute a command for each module in turn; planar: generate random planar graphs; redr: check the redundancy of individual rules in a ground logic program (module); rsat: generate a random 3-SAT instance as a logic program; shuffle: scramble literals in rules and rules in a program; support: compute supported models for programs; testsm: verify if a program has a particular stable model.

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