FITradeoff is a Flexible and Interactive Tradeoff elicitation procedure for multicriteria additive models in MAVT scope. The Flexible and Interactive Tradeoff (FITradeoff), is a multicriteria method proposed for eliciting scaling constants or weights of criteria. The FITradeoff method uses partial information about decision maker (DM) preferences for choice and ranking problematics, according to an additive model in MAVT (Multi-Attribute Value Theory) scope. This method uses the concept of flexible elicitation for improving the applicability of the traditional tradeoff elicitation procedure. FITradeoff offers two main benefits: the information required from the DM is reduced and the DM does not have to make adjustments for the indifference between two consequences (tradeoff), which is a critical issue on the traditional tradeoff procedure. It is easier for the DM to make comparisons of consequences (or outcomes) based on strict preference rather than on indifference.

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