STRANDS: Interactive Simulation of Thin Solids using Cosserat Models. STRANDS are thin elastic solids that are visually well approximated as smooth curves, and yet possess essential physical behaviors characteristic of solid objects such as twisting. Common examples in computer graphics in- clude: sutures, catheters, and tendons in surgical simulation; hairs, ropes, and vegetation in animation. Physical models based on spring meshes or 3D finite elements for such thin solids are either inaccurate or inefficient for interactive simulation. In this paper we show that models based on the Cosserat theory of elastic rods are very well suited for interactive simulation of these objects. The physical model reduces to a system of spatial ordinary differential equations that can be solved efficiently for typical boundary conditions. The model handles the impor- tant geometric non-linearity due to large changes in shape. We introduce Cosserat-type physical models, describe efficient numerical methods for interactive simulation of these models, and implementation results.

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