RooHammerModel: interfacing the HAMMER software tool with the HistFactory package. Recent B-physics results have sparkled great interest in the search for beyond-the-Standard-Model (BSM) physics in b→cℓν¯ transitions. The need to analyse in a consistent manner big datasets for these searches, using high-statistics Monte-Carlo (MC) samples, led to the development of HAMMER, a software tool which enables to perform a fast morphing of MC-derived templates to include BSM effects and/or alternative parameterisations of long-distance effects, avoiding the need to re-generate simulated samples. This note describes the development of RooHammerModel, an interface between this tool and the commonly-used data-fitting framework HistFactory. The code is written in C++ and admits an alternative usage in standalone RooFit analyses. In this document, the structure and functionality of the user interface are explained. Information of a public repository where it can be accessed is provided, as well as validation and performance studies of the interface. The methods developed in the construction of RooHammerModel can provide specific information for alternative future attempts to interface HAMMER with other data-fitting frameworks.

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