DyPy: A Python Library for Simulating Matrix-Form Games. Evolutionary Game Theory (EGT) simulations are used to model populations undergoing biological and cultural evolution in a range of fields, from biology to economics to linguistics. In this paper we present DyPy, an open source Python package that can perform evolutionary simulations for any matrix form game for three common evolutionary dynamics: Moran, Wright-Fisher and Replicator. We discuss the basic components of this package and illustrate how it can be used to run a variety of simulations. Our package allows a user to run such simulations fairly easily without much prior Python knowledge. We hope that this will be a great asset to researchers in a number of different fields.

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  1. Anjalika Nande, Andrew Ferdowsian, Eric Lubin, Erez Yoeli, Martin Nowak: DyPy: A Python Library for Simulating Matrix-Form Games (2020) arXiv