Gerris is a Free Software program for the solution of the partial differential equations describing fluid flow. The source code is available free of charge under the Free Software GPL license. Gerris was created by Stéphane Popinet and is supported by NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research) and Institut Jean le Rond d’Alembert. A brief summary of its main features: Solves the time-dependent incompressible variable-density Euler, Stokes or Navier-Stokes equations Solves the linear and non-linear shallow-water equations Adaptive mesh refinement: the resolution is adapted dynamically to the features of the flow Entirely automatic mesh generation in complex geometries Second-order in space and time Unlimited number of advected/diffused passive tracers Flexible specification of additional source terms Portable parallel support using the MPI library, dynamic load-balancing, parallel offline visualisation Volume of Fluid advection scheme for interfacial flows Accurate surface tension model Multiphase electrohydrodynamics

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