pBRIT stands for priortization of candidate genes using Bayesian Ridge Regression and Information Theoretic Model. It is an adaptive and scalable prioritzation tool that integrates Pubmed Abstracts, Gene Ontology, Pathways (Biocarta, EHMN, HumanCyc, INOH, KEGG, NetPath, PharmGKB, PID, Reactome, Signalink, SMPDB, WikiPathways), Protein-Protein Interactions (PhosphoPOINT, PDZBase, NetPath, PINdb, BIND, CORUM, Biogrid, InnateDB, MIPS-MPPI, Spike, Manual upload, MatrixDB, DIP, IntAct, MINT, PDB, HPRD), Protein sequence similarities (BLAST), Mouse Phenotype Ontologies (MPO), Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO), Disease Ontology (DO), Genetic association database (GAD), HuGe. pBRIT is available as web-interface for single exome prioritization or as an API