OrthoGNC: A Software for Accurate Identification of Orthologs Based on Gene Neighborhood Conservation. Orthology relations can be used to transfer annotations from one gene (or protein) to another. Hence, detecting orthology relations has become an important task in the post-genomic era. Various genomic events, such as duplication and horizontal gene transfer, can cause erroneous assignment of orthology relations. In closely-related species, gene neighborhood information can be used to resolve many ambiguities in orthology inference. Here we present OrthoGNC, a software for accurately predicting pairwise orthology relations based on gene neighborhood conservation. Analyses on simulated and real data reveal the high accuracy of OrthoGNC. In addition to orthology detection, OrthoGNC can be employed to investigate the conservation of genomic context among potential orthologs detected by other methods. OrthoGNC is freely available online at http://bs.ipm.ir/softwares/orthognc and http://tinyurl.com/orthoGNC.