Fiona: a parallel and automatic strategy for read error correction. Results: We present Fiona, a new stand-alone read error–correction method. Fiona provides a new statistical approach for sequencing error detection and optimal error correction and estimates its parameters automatically. Fiona is able to correct substitution, insertion and deletion errors and can be applied to any sequencing technology. It uses an efficient implementation of the partial suffix array to detect read overlaps with different seed lengths in parallel. We tested Fiona on several real datasets from a variety of organisms with different read lengths and compared its performance with state-of-the-art methods. Fiona shows a constantly higher correction accuracy over a broad range of datasets from 454 and Ion Torrent sequencers, without compromise in speed. Conclusion: Fiona is an accurate parameter-free read error–correction method that can be run on inexpensive hardware and can make use of multicore parallelization whenever available. Fiona was implemented using the SeqAn library for sequence analysis and is publicly available for download at