A formal semantics for DAI language NUML Traditional AI systems are brittle in the sense that they fail miserably when presented with problems even slightly outside of their limited range of expertise. A powerful, extensible strategy of Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) for overcoming such bounds is to put the system in a society of systems. So the ability to coordinate group activities of individuals and to communicate between each other is necessary for a language describing DAI systems. Agent-oriented language NUML is such a language. It is a specific kind of object-oriented language. To give formal semantics to NUML, there is the problem to formalise object- oriented programming paradigm which is still open. The theory of higher- order π-calculus is a concurrent computation model with sufficient capability, which provides us a mathematical tool to do the formalization. This paper tries to use higher-order π-calculus to formalise NUML.

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