femshape: library for computing shape invariants of planar curves using the finite element method. This is a Python library for computing shape invariants of planar curves using FEM and the FEniCS package. To run the module, FEniCS must be installed. It is the supporting code for the paper Currents and finite elements as tools for shape space by James Benn, Stephen Marsland, Robert I McLachlan, Klas Modin and Olivier Verdier: The nonlinear spaces of shapes (unparameterized immersed curves or submanifolds) are of interest for many applications in image analysis, such as the identification of shapes that are similar modulo the action of some group. In this paper, we study a general representation of shapes as currents, which are based on linear spaces and are suitable for numerical discretization, being robust to noise. We develop the theory of currents for shape spaces by considering both the analytic and numerical aspects of the problem. In particular, we study the analytical properties of the current map and the H−s norm that it induces on shapes. We determine the conditions under which the current determines the shape. We then provide a finite element-based discretization of the currents that is a practical computational tool for shapes. Finally, we demonstrate this approach on a variety of examples

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