OR-Gym: A Reinforcement Learning Library for Operations Research Problem. Reinforcement learning (RL) has been widely applied to game-playing and surpassed the best human-level performance in many domains, yet there are few use-cases in industrial or commercial settings. We introduce OR-Gym, an open-source library for developing reinforcement learning algorithms to address operations research problems. In this paper, we apply reinforcement learning to the knapsack, multi-dimensional bin packing, multi-echelon supply chain, and multi-period asset allocation model problems, as well as benchmark the RL solutions against MILP and heuristic models. These problems are used in logistics, finance, engineering, and are common in many business operation settings. We develop environments based on prototypical models in the literature and implement various optimization and heuristic models in order to benchmark the RL results. By re-framing a series of classic optimization problems as RL tasks, we seek to provide a new tool for the operations research community, while also opening those in the RL community to many of the problems and challenges in the OR field.