Superflip is a computer program for application of the charge-flipping algorithm to structure solution of crystal structures from diffraction data. Superflip works in arbitrary dimension and can be therefore used for solution of normal periodic structures, modulated structures and also quasicrystals. Superflip is written in Fortran 90 and it uses the mathematical library FFTW3 for making the fast Fourier transform. This library must be installed on your system if you want to compile the program from the source code. Superflip also makes use of the subroutine SGELSY (+ dependencies) from the mathematic library LAPACK. This routine is included in the installation package of Superflip, and the LAPACK library neednot be installed on your system. Superflip also contains part of the code adapted from the program ECALC (Ian Ticke), and symmetry library, both being a part of the project CCP4. The program package contains the source code, the Makefile, sample input file and user manual.