RMoCap: an R language package for processing and kinematic analyzing motion capture data. Package RMoCap is an advanced open-source tool for scientists, engineers and computer graphics familiar with R language who work with motion capture (MoCap) technology. Package provides them with MoCap data handling, statistical processing, visualizing and analysis. Package uses well-established MoCap file exchange format and can be easily integrated with most of the motion analysis workflows. Among functions available in RMoCap, there are procedures for conversion between hierarchical and direct kinematic models, data averaging, correcting direction of motion, 3D interactive visualization and advanced analysis using Dynamic Time Warping. This paper covers all advanced algorithms that are implemented in RMoCap. This article also introduces direct to hierarchical kinematic conversion algorithm that is a new, never-before-published method. We also introduce extension of motion direction correction method that makes possible to process data that does not contain information about acceleration. All examples showed in this paper can be reproduced using replication code and data sources that are included to this package.

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