Tkwant: a software package for time-dependent quantum transport. Tkwant is a Python package for the simulation of quantum nanoelectronics devices to which external time-dependent perturbations are applied. Tkwant is an extension of the kwant package (this https URL) and can handle the same types of systems: discrete tight-binding-like models that consist of an arbitrary central region connected to semi-infinite electrodes. The problem is genuinely many-body even at the mean field level and is treated within the non-equilibrium Keldysh formalism. Examples of Tkwant applications include the propagation of plasmons generated by voltage pulses, propagation of excitations in the quantum Hall regime, spectroscopy of Majorana fermions in semiconducting nanowires, current-induced skyrmion motion in spintronic devices, multiple Andreev reflection, Floquet topological insulators, thermoelectric effects, and more. The code has been designed to be easy to use and modular. Tkwant is free software distributed under a BSD license and can be found at

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