PNAD-CSS: a workbench for constructing a protein name abbreviation dictionary. Results: We have developed PNAD Construction Support System (PNAD-CSS), which offers various convenient facilities to decrease the construction costs of a protein name abbreviation dictionary of which entries are collected from abstracts in biomedical papers. The system allows the users to concentrate on higher level interpretation by removing some troublesome tasks, e.g. management of abstracts, extracting protein names and their abbreviations, and so on. To extract a pair of protein names and abbreviations, we have developed a hybrid system composed of the PROPER System and the PNAD System. The PNAD System can extract the pairs from parenthetical-paraphrases involved in protein names, the PROPER System identified these pairs, with 98.95% precision, 95.56% recall and 97.58% complete precision. Availability: PROPER System is freely available from The other software are also available on request. Contact the authors.

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