Helios: web-based open-audit voting. Voting with cryptographic auditing, sometimes called open-audit voting, has remained, for the most part, a the- oretical endeavor. In spite of dozens of fascinating pro- tocols and recent ground-breaking advances in the field, there exist only a handful of specialized implementations that few people have experienced directly. As a result, the benefits of cryptographically audited elections have remained elusive. We present Helios, the first web-based, open-audit voting system. Helios is publicly accessible today: any- one can create and run an election, and any willing ob- server can audit the entire process. Helios is ideal for on- line software communities, local clubs, student govern- ment, and other environments where trustworthy, secret- ballot elections are required but coercion is not a serious concern. With Helios, we hope to expose many to the power of open-audit elections

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