RealPi2dDIC: A Low-cost and open-source approach to in situ 2D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) applications. In this current work an open-source 2D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) tool, RealPi2dDIC, is presented to monitor in situ full field deformation and strain responses of structures during loading. This software is coded in Python3 and uses Raspberry Pi as the computation and Pi camera as the imaging device. This low-cost approach to in situ DIC analysis enables its application in a broad field of research and industry problems where 2D strain field tensor is one of the principal interests of study. This code is provided with an interactive user interface (UI) making it user friendly and easy-to-use. Furthermore, RealPi2dDIC offers a simple software architecture which can be adopted, modified and extended to suit users’ purpose.

Keywords for this software

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