FAMOUS, which stands for Fuzzy Arithmetical Modeling Of Uncertain Systems, is a Matlab-based toolbox for the analysis of systems with uncertain model parameters. The toolbox works on black-box models so that any software environment can be used for system simulation. This requires a connection to the different software environments through a systematic interface structure. In detail, FAMOUS contains functions and algorithms for the quantification of the uncertain model parameters using fuzzy numbers, the simulation of the so obtained fuzzy-parametrized models, the evaluation and analysis of the resulting uncertain, fuzzy-valued output values, the identification / estimation of uncertain, fuzzy-valued model parameters from observed uncertain outputs, the assessment of robustness of systems to parametric uncertainties. Hence, FAMOUS provides the solution of both direct and inverse fuzzy arithmetical problems as well as the calculation of influence / sensitivity measures for systems with uncertain parameters. In this context, the so-called transformation method is used as a core functionality, while performance improvements are achieved by the use of a meta-model concept based on sparse-grid methods.

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