Riroriro: Simulating gravitational waves and evaluating their detectability in Python. Riroriro is a Python package to simulate the gravitational waveforms of binary mergers of black holes and/or neutron stars, and calculate several properties of these mergers and waveforms, speci cally relating to their observability by gravitational wave detectors. The gravitational waveform simulation of Riroriro is based upon the methods of Buskirk & Babiuc-Hamilton (2019), a paper which describes a computational implementation of an earlier theoretical gravitational waveform model by Huerta et al. (2017), using post-Newtonian expansions and an approximation called the implicit rotating source to simplify the Einstein eld equations and simulate gravitational waves. Riroriro’s calculation of signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) of gravitational wave events is based on the methods of Barrett et al. (2018), with the simpler gravitational wave model Findchirp (Allen et al., 2012) being used for comparison and calibration in these calculations.

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