Adapting LIGO workflows to run in the Open Science Grid. During the first observation run the LIGO collaboration needed to offload some of its most, intense CPU workflows from its dedicated computing sites to opportunistic resources. Open Science Grid enabled LIGO to run PyCbC, RIFT and Bayeswave workflows to seamlessly run in a combination of owned and opportunistic resources. One of the challenges is enabling the workflows to use several heterogeneous resources in a coordinated and effective way. Software description: The DHTC model in OSG is powered by the Glidein Workload Management System (GlideinWMS) system [9], [10]. It is a pilot model system in which resources at heterogeneous sites are gathered and presented to the scientist as one single homogeneous pool of resources. GlideinWMS is based on the HTCondor [11] batch system and it is designed to create a changing pool of resources based on demand.

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