FlowFox: a web browser with flexible and precise information flow control. We present FlowFox, the first fully functional web browser that implements a precise and general information flow control mechanism for web scripts based on the technique of secure multi-execution. We demonstrate how FlowFox subsumes many ad-hoc script containment countermeasures developed over the last years. We also show that FlowFox is compatible with the current web, by investigating its behavior on the Alexa top-500 web sites, many of which make intricate use of JavaScript. The performance and memory cost of FlowFox is substantial (a performance cost of around 20% on macro benchmarks for a simple two level policy), but not prohibitive. Our prototype implementation shows that information flow enforcement based on secure multi-execution can be implemented in full-scale browsers. It can support powerful, yet precise policies refining the same-origin-policy in a way that is compatible with existing websites.