PALISADE lattice cryptography library. PALISADE is an open-source project that provides efficient implementations of lattice cryptography building blocks and leading homomorphic encryption schemes. PALISADE is designed for usability, providing simpler APIs, modularity, cross-platform support and integration of hardware accelerators. PALISADE complies with the security standards for homomorphic encryption. We offer PALISADE under the 2-clause BSD open-source license, making it easier to wrap and redistribute PALISADE in products. PALISADE now supports the BGV, BFV, CKKS, and FHEW schemes and a more secure variant of the TFHE scheme, including bootstrapping. We have more efficient bootstrapping schemes in active development. PALISADE also provides post-quantum public-key encryption, proxy re-encryption, threshold FHE for multiparty computations, identity-based encryption, attribute-based encryption and digital signature support.

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  1. Genise, Nicholas; Micciancio, Daniele; Polyakov, Yuriy: Building an efficient lattice gadget toolkit: Subgaussian sampling and more (2019)

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