PyMPDATA: Numba-accelerated Pythonic implementation of MPDATA with Jupyter examples. PyMPDATA is a high-performance Numba-accelerated Pythonic implementation of the MPDATA algorithm of Smolarkiewicz et al. for numerically solving generalised transport equations - partial differential equations used to model conservation/balance laws, scalar-transport problems, convection-diffusion phenomena (in geophysical fluid dynamics and beyond). As of the current version, PyMPDATA supports homogeneous transport in 1D, 2D and 3D using structured meshes, optionally generalised by employment of a Jacobian of coordinate transformation. PyMPDATA includes implementation of a set of MPDATA variants including the non-oscillatory option, infinite-gauge, divergent-flow, double-pass donor cell (DPDC) and third-order-terms options. It also features support for integration of Fickian-terms in advection-diffusion problems using the pseudo-transport velocity approach. In 2D and 3D simulations, domain-decomposition is used for multi-threaded parallelism. ..

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