MJOLNIR: A software package for multiplexing neutron spectrometers. Novel multiplexing triple-axis neutron scattering spectrometers yield significant improvements to the common triple-axis concept. While the planar scattering geometry keeps ensuring compatibility with complex sample environments, a simultaneous detection of scattered neutrons at various angles and energies leads to tremendous improvements in the data acquisition rate. Here we report on the software package MJOLNIR that we have developed to handle the resulting enhancement in data complexity. Using data from the new CAMEA spectrometer of the Swiss Spallation Neutron Source at the Paul Scherrer Institut, we show how the software reduces, visualises and treats observables measured on a multiplexing spectrometer. The software package has been generalised to a uniformed framework, allowing for collaborations across multiplexing instruments at different facilities, further facilitating new developments in data treatment, such as fitting routines and modelling of multi-dimensional data.