GreatSPN2.0 is a software package for the modeling, validation, and performance evaluation of distributed systems using Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets and their colored extension: Stochastic Well-formed Nets. The tool provides a friendly framework to experiment with timed Petri net based modeling techniques. It implements efficient analysis algorithms to allow its use on rather complex applications, not only toy examples. GreatSPN2.0 is composed of many separate programs that cooperate in the construction and analysis of PN models by sharing files. Using network file system capabilities, different analysis modules can be run on different machines in a distributed computing environment. The modular structure of GreatSPN2.0 makes it open to the addition of new analysis modules as new reserch results become available. All modules are written in the C programming language to guarantee portability and efficiency on different Unix machines. All solution modules use special storage techniques to save memory both for intermediate result files and for program data structures. ..

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