LPVcore: MATLAB Toolbox for LPV Modelling, Identification and Control. This paper describes the LPVcore software package for MATLAB developed to model, simulate, estimate and control systems via linear parameter-varying (LPV) input-output (IO), state-space (SS) and linear fractional (LFR) representations. In the LPVcore toolbox, basis affine parameter-varying matrix functions are implemented to enable users to represent LPV systems in a global setting, i.e., for time-varying scheduling trajectories. This is a key difference compared to other software suites that use a grid or only LFR-based representations. The paper contains an overview of functions in the toolbox to simulate and identify IO, SS and LFR representations. Based on various prediction-error minimization methods, a comprehensive example is given on the identification of a DC motor with an unbalanced disc, demonstrating the capabilities of the toolbox. The software and examples are available on www.lpvcore.net

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