NSLPCD: Topic based tweets clustering using node significance Based label propagation community detection algorithm. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook have recently become the most widely used communication platforms for people to propagate information rapidly. Fast diffusion of information creates accuracy and scalability issues towards topic detection. Most of the existing approaches can detect the most popular topics on a large scale. However, these approaches are not effective for faster detection. This article proposes a novel topic detection approach - Node Significance based Label Propagation Community Detection (NSLPCD) algorithm, which detects the topic faster without compromising accuracy. The proposed algorithm analyzes the frequency distribution of keywords in the collection of tweets and finds two types of keywords: topic-identifying and topic-describing keywords, which play an important role in topic detection. Based on these defined keywords, the keyword co-occurrence graph is built, and subsequently, the NSLPCD algorithm is applied to get topic clusters in the form of communities. The experimental results using the real data of Twitter, show that the proposed method is effective in quality as well as run-time performance as compared to other existing methods.

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