iMPTCE-Hnetwork: a multilabel classifier for identifying metabolic pathway types of chemicals and enzymes with a heterogeneous network. Metabolic pathway is an important type of biological pathways. It produces essential molecules and energies to maintain the life of living organisms. Each metabolic pathway consists of a chain of chemical reactions, which always need enzymes to participate in. Thus, chemicals and enzymes are two major components for each metabolic pathway. Although several metabolic pathways have been uncovered, the metabolic pathway system is still far from complete. Some hidden chemicals or enzymes are not discovered in a certain metabolic pathway. Besides the traditional experiments to detect hidden chemicals or enzymes, an alternative pipeline is to design efficient computational methods. In this study, we proposed a powerful multilabel classifier, called iMPTCE-Hnetwork, to uniformly assign chemicals and enzymes to metabolic pathway types reported in KEGG. Such classifier adopted the embedding features derived from a heterogeneous network, which defined chemicals and enzymes as nodes and the interactions between chemicals and enzymes as edges, through a powerful network embedding algorithm, Mashup. The popular RAndom k-labELsets (RAKEL) algorithm was employed to construct the classifier, which incorporated the support vector machine (polynomial kernel) as the basic classifier. The ten-fold cross-validation results indicated that such a classifier had good performance with accuracy higher than 0.800 and exact match higher than 0.750. Several comparisons were done to indicate the superiority of the iMPTCE-Hnetwork.