VeRLPy: Python Library for Verification of Digital Designs with Reinforcement Learning. Digital hardware is verified by comparing its behavior against a reference model on a range of randomly generated input signals. The random generation of the inputs hopes to achieve sufficient coverage of the different parts of the design. However, such coverage is often difficult to achieve, amounting to large verification efforts and delays. An alternative is to use Reinforcement Learning (RL) to generate the inputs by learning to prioritize those inputs which can more efficiently explore the design under test. In this work, we present VeRLPy an open-source library to allow RL-driven verification with limited additional engineering overhead. This contributes to two broad movements within the EDA community of (a) moving to open-source toolchains and (b) reducing barriers for development with Python support. We also demonstrate the use of VeRLPy for a few designs and establish its value over randomly generated input signals.

Keywords for this software

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