INTLAB is the Matlab toolbox for reliable computing and self-validating algorithms. It comprises of self-validating methods for dense linear systems (also inner inclusions and structured matrices) sparse s.p.d. linear systems systems of nonlinear equations (including unconstrained optimization) roots of univariate and multivariate nonlinear equations (simple and clusters) eigenvalue problems (simple and clusters, also inner inclusions and structured matrices) generalized eigenvalue problems (simple and clusters) quadrature for univariate functions univariate polynomial zeros (simple and clusters) interval arithmetic for real and complex data including vectors and matrices (very fast) interval arithmetic for real and complex sparse matrices (very fast) automatic differentiation (forward mode, vectorized computations, fast) Gradients (to solve systems of nonlinear equations) Hessians (for global optimization) Taylor series for univariate functions automatic slopes (sequential approach, slow for many variables) verified integration of (simple) univariate functions univariate and multivariate (interval) polynomials rigorous real interval standard functions (fast, very accurate,  3 ulps) rigorous complex interval standard functions (fast, rigorous, but not necessarily sharp inclusions) rigorous input/output (outer and inner inclusions) accurate summation, dot product and matrix-vector residuals (interpreted, reference implementation, slow) multiple precision interval arithmetic with error bounds (does the job, slow)

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