Anisotropic elasticity with Matlab. This book provides the theory of anisotropic elasticity with the computer program for analytical solutions as well as boundary element methods. It covers the elastic analysis of two-dimensional, plate bending, coupled stretching-bending, and three-dimensional deformations, and is extended to the piezoelectric, piezomagnetic, magnetic-electro-elastic, viscoelastic materials, and the ones under thermal environment. The analytical solutions include the solutions for infinite space, half-space, bi-materials, wedges, interface corners, holes, cracks, inclusions, and contact problems. The boundary element solutions include BEMs for two-dimensional anisotropic elastic, piezoelectric, magnetic-electro-elastic, viscoelastic analyses, and their associated dynamic analyses, as well as coupled stretching-bending analysis, contact analysis, and three-dimensional analysis. This book also provides source codes and examples for all the presenting analytical solutions and boundary element methods. The program is named as AEPH (Anisotropic Elastic Plates -- Hwu), which contains 204 MATLAB functions.

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