PROPHECY4F 3.0: A Monte Carlo program for Higgs-boson decays into four-fermion final states in and beyond the Standard Model. The Monte Carlo generator PPROPHECY4F provides a PROPer description of the Higgs dECaY into 4 Fermions within the Standard Model, the Standard Model with a fourth fermion generation, a simple Higgs-singlet extension of the Standard Model, and the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model. The fully differential predictions include the full QCD and electroweak next-to-leading-order corrections, all interference contributions between different WW/ZZ channels, and all off-shell effects of intermediate W/Z bosons. PPROPHECY4F computes the inclusive partial decay widths and allows for the computation of binned differential distributions of the decay products. For leptonic final states also unweighted events are provided.