Design of an alternative NTRU encryption with high secure and efficient. With the need to store a huge amount of personal information, Computer hardware has become extremely vital nowadays. However, some challenges follow this expansion; for instance, solving the problem of maintaining security challenges by using high-security algorithms. As a result, a high-security cryptosystem with low computation power is needed. One of the lattice-based cryptosystems that meet these requirements is NTRU. Since the NTRU cryptosystem proposal, many variants were proposed by researchers using different algebraic structures. In this paper, we design a new cryptosystem variant of NTRU, called BOTRU, which is a high-performing system based on bi-octonion subalgebra and it has good resistance to some well-known attacks, such as a brute force attack. The creation of two public keys in the system proposed has differentiated it from NTRU and NTRU like cryptosystems. Some arithmetic operations are used for comparing the efficiency of BOTRU with the OTRU cryptosystem. Based on arithmetic assessment, the comparison reveals that the BOTRU has a higher speed than the OTRU.

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  1. Abo-Alsood, Hadeel Hadi; Yassein, Hassan Rashed: Design of an alternative NTRU encryption with high secure and efficient (2021)