STPM2: Stata module to estimate flexible parametric survival models. stpm2 fits flexible parametric survival models (Royston-Parmar models). stpm2 can be used with single- or multiple-record or single- or multiple-failure st data. Survival models can be fitted on the log cumulative hazard scale, the log cumulative odds scale, the standard normal deviate (probit) scale, or on a scale defined by the value of theta using the Aranda-Ordaz family of link functions. stpm2 can fit the same models as stpm, but is more flexible in that it does not force the knots for time-dependent effects to be the same as those used for the baseline distribution function. In addition, stpm2 can fit relative survival models by use of the bhazard() option. Post-estimation commands have been extended over what is available in stpm. stpm2 is noticeably faster than stpm. This is an updated version of stpm2 from that published in Stata Journal, 9:2, 2009