NMSSMTools: TOOLS FOR THE CALCULATION OF THE HIGGS AND SPARTICLE SPECTRUM IN THE NMSSM: NMHDECAY, NMSPEC and NMGMSB The Fortran code NMHDECAY computes the masses, couplings and decay widths of all Higgs bosons of the NMSSM, and the masses of all sparticles, in terms of its parameters at the electroweak (or susy breaking) scale: the Yukawa couplings lambda and kappa, the soft trilinear terms A_lambda and A_kappa, and tan(beta) and mu_eff = lambda*S. (Instead of A_lambda, the MSSM-like parameter M_A can also be used as input.) The computation of the Higgs spectrum includes leading electroweak corrections, two loop terms and propagator corrections. The computation of the decay widths is carried out as in HDECAY, but momentarily without three body decays. Each point in parameter space is checked against negative Higgs boson searches at LEP, and negative sparticle searches at LEP and the Tevatron, including unconventional channels relevant for the NMSSM. B physics constraints from b -> s gamma, Delta M_q, B -> mu+mu- and B+ -> tau+ nu_tau are included as in ref. [4] below. The dark matter relic density can be computed via a link to a NMSSM version of the MicrOMEGAs code [3]. SLHA conventions for input and output are used. NMHDECAY is part of the NMSSMTools package that can be downloaded below.

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