EasyLocal++ is an object-oriented framework that can be used as a general tool for the development of local search algorithms in C++. The basic idea of EasyLocal++ is to capture the essential features of most local search metaheuristics, and their possible compositions. This allows the user to address the design and implementation issues of new local search heuristics in a more principled way. Furthermore, the framework can easily be customized by an expert user allowing the development of new metaheuristics, and its architecture fully supports the reuse of code. EasyLocal++ relies on a few ”Design Patterns”, which are abstract structures of classes, commonly present in object-oriented systems, that have been precisely identified and classified. The framework is basically based on two of them, namely the ”Template Method”, to specify and implement the invariant parts of various search algorithms, and the ”Strategy Method”, for the communication between the main solver and its component classes. The architecture of the framework is composed of a set of cooperating classes, which belong to five main categories, and are organized in a hierarchy of abstraction levels. Each layer of the hierarchy relies on the services supplied by lower levels and provides a set of more abstract operations.

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