SPHERA v.9.0.0: A Computational Fluid Dynamics research code, based on the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics mesh-less method. SPHERA v.9.0.0 (RSE SpA) is a FOSS CFD-SPH research code validated on the following application fields: floods with transport of solid bodies and bed-load transport; fast landslides and their interactions with water reservoirs; sediment removal from water bodies; fuel sloshing tanks; hydrodynamic lubrication for energy efficiency actions in the industrial sector. SPHERA is featured by several numerical schemes dealing with: transport of solid bodies in fluid flows; treatment of fixed and mobile solid boundaries; dense granular flows and an erosion criterion. The source and executable codes, the input files and the free numerical chain of SPHERA v.9.0.0 are presented. Some reference validations and applications are also provided. SPHERA is developed and distributed on a GitHub public repository.

Keywords for this software

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