EdgeCFD: a parallel residual-based variational multiscale code for multiphysics. High fidelity multiphysics simulations are ubiquitous in science and engineering but still face many challenges to run efficiently in today’s supercomputers. This work reports advanced technologies present in EdgeCFD, a hybrid parallel variational multiscale multiphysics finite element software capable of running industrial problems involving turbulent incompressible, compressible, free-surface flows, advection-diffusion of multiple scalar fields, fluid-object interaction using an Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian formulation, and, more recently, used to supporting uncertainty quantification. We also show the strategies to support the solution of large scale problems, including in-situ visualisation and how EdgeCFD handles computational steering. Industrial applications in the oil and gas industry are shown to demonstrate EdgeCFD capabilities. We present the analysis of vortex-induced vibration in cylindrical risers with appendages to reduce drag and lift, and the simulation of successive discharges of turbidity currents, a critical process for understanding the formation of oil reservoirs.

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