The TPTP (Thousands of Problems for Theorem Provers) is a library of test problems for automated theorem proving (ATP) systems. The TPTP supplies the ATP community with: A comprehensive library of the ATP test problems that are available today, in order to provide an overview and a simple, unambiguous reference mechanism. A comprehensive list of references and other interesting information for each problem. Arbitrary size instances of generic problems (e.g., the N-queens problem). A utility to convert the problems to existing ATP systems’ formats. General guidelines outlining the requirements for ATP system evaluation. Standards for input and output for ATP systems. The principal motivation for the TPTP is to support the testing and evaluation of ATP systems, to help ensure that performance results accurately reflect capabilities of the ATP systems being considered. A common library of problems is necessary for meaningful system evaluations, meaningful system comparisons, repeatability of testing, and the production of statistically significant results. The TPTP is such a library.

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