MomentClosure.jl is a tool to automatically obtain time-evolution equations of moments up to an arbitrary order for virtually any chemical reaction network or system of stochastic differential equations (SDEs), implementing a wide array of moment closure approximations commonly used in stochastic biochemical kinetics [1]. MomentClosure is (attempted to be) fairly well-integrated within the broader Julia ecosystem utilising a number of familiar packages: omentClosure can be immediately applied to reaction network models defined using Catalyst and SDE systems built with ModelingToolkit. Moment equations are generated as a ModelingToolkit ODESystem (with some extra help from Symbolics and SymbolicUtils). The resulting ODESystem can be solved using any DifferentialEquations ODE solvers, enabling further study of the system using parameter estimation, sensitivity analysis and bifurcation analysis tools.

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  1. Augustinas Sukys, Ramon Grima: MomentClosure.jl: automated moment closure approximations in Julia (2021) arXiv