Mermaid: Integrating Vertex-Centric with Edge-Centric for Real-World Graph Processing. There has been increasing interests in processing large-scale real-world graphs, and recently many graph systems have been proposed. Vertex-centric GAS (Gather-Apply-Scatter) and Edge-centric GAS are two graph computation models being widely adopted, and existing graph analytics systems commonly follow only one computation model, which is not the best choice for real-world graph processing. In fact, vertex degrees in real-world graphs often obey skewed power-law distributions: most vertices have relatively few neighbors while a few have many neighbors. We observe that vertex-centric GAS for high-degree vertices and edge-centric GAS for low-degree vertices is a much better choice for real-world graph processing. In this paper, we present Mermaid, a system for processing large-scale real-world graphs on a single machine. Mermaid skillfully integrates vertex-centric GAS with edge-centric GAS through a novel vertex-mapping mechanism, and supports streamlined graph processing. On a total of 6 practical natural graph processing tasks, we demonstrate that, on average, Mermaid achieves 1.83× better performance than the state-of-the-art graph system on a single machine.