VGAER: Graph Neural Network Reconstruction based Community Detection. Community detection is a fundamental and important issue in network science, but there are only a few community detection algorithms based on graph neural networks, among which unsupervised algorithms are almost blank. By fusing the high-order modularity information with network features, this paper proposes a Variational Graph AutoEncoder Reconstruction based community detection VGAER for the first time, and gives its non-probabilistic version. They do not need any prior information. We have carefully designed corresponding input features, decoder, and downstream tasks based on the community detection task and these designs are concise, natural, and perform well (NMI values under our design are improved by 59.1% - 565.9%). Based on a series of experiments with wide range of datasets and advanced methods, VGAER has achieved superior performance and shows strong competitiveness and potential with a simpler design. Finally, we report the results of algorithm convergence analysis and t-SNE visualization, which clearly depicted the stable performance and powerful network modularity ability of VGAER. Our codes are available at this https URL.

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