R package ZIBBSeqDiscovery: Zero-Inflated Beta-Binomial Modeling of Microbiome Count Data. Microbiome count data (Operational Taxonomic Unit, OTUs) is usually overdispersed and has excessive zero counts. The ’ZIBBSeqDiscovery’ assumes a zero-inflated beta-binomial model for the distribution of the count data, and employes link functions to adjust interested covariates. To fit the model, two approaches are proposed (i) a free approach which treats the overdispersion parameters for OTUs as independent, and (ii) a constrained approach which proposes a mean-overdispersion relationship to the count data. This package can be used to test the association between the composition of the microbiome counts and the interested covariates.

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  1. Niloufar Dousti Mousavi, Hani Aldirawi, Jie Yang: An R Package AZIAD for Analyzing Zero-Inflated and Zero-Altered Data (2022) arXiv