OpenPelt is a faster-than-real-time temperature control simulation library. OpenPelt contains utilities for developing and verifying temperature control algorithms as well as a model of a thermoelectric cooler to act as the plant. OpenPelt also enables exporting simulation results to Fenics to simulate the control system’s impact on a three-dimensional heat diffusion model. Furthermore, OpenPelt can be used along with Torch (Pytorch) for developing neural controllers such as neural networks or reinforcement learning algorithms. Another advantage of OpenPelt is the integration with Fenics. This means that the results from an OpenPelt simulation can be used in Fenics in order to acquire high-fidelity heat diffusion simulations and study the more realistic models, such as how a heat transfers from a thermoelectic cooler to neural tissue (see the file fenics_heat_eqn in the tests directory of the current repository).

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