Simulation of multiple free surface transient Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows. The authors have developed a package FREEFLOW which is embodied in the computer code GENSMAC. This code solves two-dimensional time-dependent mass and momentum equations for incompressible vicous fluid which may be Newtonian or non-Newtonian (generalized fluid). Although based on the ideas of the marker-and cell technique, the presented code has a number of novel features. The fluid domain can be quite general and need only be connected. With the parallelisation in mind the momentum equations are solved explicitly, but an automatic step-changing routine optimizes the stability restriction. A conjugate gradient solver is used to invert the discrete Poisson equation. An accurate approximation to the stress conditions on the free surface leads to improved visualization. The code is written in structured FORTRAN with features from FORTRAN 90. The aim of the present paper is to illustrate the effectiveness of the code by applying it to several industrial problems: sloshing, injection moulding, and dye-swelling.

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