HYTRAN - A software system to aid the analog programmer. In recent years much attention has been given to combined analog/digital computation, dividing the problem on hand into an analog and a digital part and letting each task be performed most economically by the part of the system which suits it best. This philosophy not only applies to simultaneous analog and digital computation, but also to a sequential use of these two means of computation. One such application is the use of digital computers in the programming and checking of analog computers, a task ideally suited to a digital machine and especially practical in an hybrid installation where the digital computer is most readily available to the analog programmer. HYTRAN, a system of software programs has been developed to provide quick digital assistance in the programming of the analog part of the HYDAC 2400 hybrid computer system, even to the analog programmer unfamiliar with digital computers.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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