XRL/Flower: Supporting inter-organizational workflows using XML/Petri-net technology In this paper, we present the architecture of XRL/Flower. XRL/Flower is a software tool, which benefits from the fact that it is based on both XML and Petri nets. Standard XML tools can be deployed to parse, check, and handle XRL documents. The Petri-net representation allows for a straightforward and succinct implementation of the workflow engine. XRL constructs are automatically translated into Petri-net constructs. On the one hand, this allows for an efficient implementation. On the other hand, the system is easy to extend: For supporting a new routing primitive, only the translation to the Petrinet engine needs to be added and the engine itself does not need to change. Last, but not least, the Petri net representation can be analyzed using state-of-the-art analysis techniques and tools.

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