spatstat: Spatial Point Pattern analysis, model-fitting, simulation, tests , A package for analysing spatial data, mainly Spatial Point Patterns, including multitype/marked points and spatial covariates, in any two-dimensional spatial region. Also supports three-dimensional point patterns, and space-time point patterns in any number of dimensions. Contains over 1000 functions for plotting spatial data, exploratory data analysis, model-fitting, simulation, spatial sampling, model diagnostics, and formal inference. Data types include point patterns, line segment patterns, spatial windows, pixel images and tessellations. Exploratory methods include K-functions, nearest neighbour distance and empty space statistics, Fry plots, pair correlation function, kernel smoothed intensity, relative risk estimation with cross-validated bandwidth selection, mark correlation functions, segregation indices, mark dependence diagnostics etc. Point process models can be fitted to point pattern data using functions ppm, kppm, slrm similar to glm. Models may include dependence on covariates, interpoint interaction, cluster formation and dependence on marks. Fitted models can be simulated automatically. Also provides facilities for formal inference (such as chi-squared tests) and model diagnostics (including simulation envelopes, residuals, residual plots and Q-Q plots). (Source:

This software is also peer reviewed by journal JSS.

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