The open source program Z88OS is suitable as a really basic FEM program for learning the fundamentals of finite element analysis by examining and, if necessary, by changing or expanding the code. Z88Aurora®, which is based on the structures of Z88, originated from the idea of creating a user interface for Z88OS, which was based on in- and output files. The focus of continuous advancement of Z88Aurora® by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Rieg and his research assistants is on the one hand on the user-friendliness – for example the direct input of CAD-files in STEP- or STL-format, the generation of meshes and the application of boundary conditions and materials via GUI – and on the other on the improvement and extension of calculation alternatives. Following the current developments on the computer and smartphone market, two small cousins of Z88Aurora® arised: Z88Tina and Z88Mobile. With the help of these apps calculation results can easily be shown to colleagues on the smartphone – FEM to go.